Computer Issues?

If you had trouble accessing Ms. Harris’s Website below is what is written on the website:


Some students have come to me with problems printing from the site. Here are few problems you might be experiencing and some quick fixes to hopefully help you print with ease!

1. You have a Mac – If you have Mac you shouldn’t have any trouble opening files. MS Word files are compatible between both platforms. However, some kids have mentioned this causing them some trouble. You need to make sure you are opening the files in TextEdit, and it should work just fine. Here is a site that can help explain the in’s and out’s and hopefully give you some answers.

2. You don’t have MS Word – This is a costly thing…for sure! So if you don’t have the program already installed on your computer, you still have some (free!) options for opening documents. One option you have is something called Open Office. You can download this for free from this site Just scroll down until you find English and then download the one that fits your operating system. If you have trouble, let me know! :) This program will allow you to open the files, even if you never use it for word processing.

3. You have MS Word, but it wont read the math symbols – Ok, this is an easy fix. All you need to do is enable MathType on your computer. This comes with MS Word and can be found by installing the disc and enabling the file. But, if you’re like me you do not have your install disk and so you’ll need another route. You can download MathType as a free trial for 30 days. At the end of the 30 days it reverts to MathType Lite but will still open the files with no problem. Unless you are typing out complicated math documents, then you’ll be fine with the lite version. Here is the site that offers the free download.


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